Top Payroll Software for Small Business Needs in 2022

Finding the top payroll software for small businesses isn’t always intuitive. The “Best Overall” payroll company found in round-up articles can be a great recommendation for large businesses. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case for smaller organizations.

Large and small companies have differing needs, from budget and growth to process and integration. If you’re shopping for the top payroll software for small businesses in 2022, skimming articles for the Best Overall Payroll won’t likely yield the results you want.

Luckily, payroll round-up articles have other categories to support your research. If you’re a small business, there are three categories to look for. Advanced Micro Solutions, an accounting software provider, happens to fit into all three groups.



Categories for Top Payroll Software for Small Business Assessment

If you’re researching payroll software, you’re likely browsing recommendation and round-up lists. Small businesses should pay careful attention to the following categories:

  1. Best for Growing Businesses: Most payroll round-up articles will have a section on software recommended for growing companies. Switching out software tools while growing a business can be a pain. Instead, ambitious companies tend to make a purchase that will support them through rapid expansion. Prioritize this these types of platforms if you’re a motivated business with plans to grow in the coming months and years.
  2. Best Integrated Payroll: Payroll integration is a feature that allows users to synch payroll with other software tools or programs. This often takes the form of a modular software tool. However, some services can connect and share data with other software providers. Regardless of your preference, prioritize this category if one person handles most accounting tasks. This is also an important category for businesses who value a seamless software experience.
  3. Best Value: Small business owners rarely make purchases without consulting a budget. Rather than looking for the cheapest software out there, prioritize tools listed under the Best Value group. Look for this classification if you have a tight or strict budget. This is also a good category for businesses looking to reduce costs overall.


AMS Wins All Three Categories – And More

The top payroll software for small business needs should be affordable, usable, and helpful – regardless of how quickly an organization expands. Advanced Micro Solutions slots into each of the top three payroll categories. AMS Payroll, our accounting and payroll software, supports up to 1,999 payers and up to 9,999 employees per payer. This makes us an excellent choice for businesses of most sizes.

AMS Payroll also seamlessly integrates with our other accounting software modules. Users buy our base software, the W-2/1099 Forms Filer, then add whichever services they need. The result is a fully integrated and easy-to-use accounting tool.



Best of all, our users have access to a personalized accounting suite without paying a hefty price. We don’t utilize a subscription model, and your data is always stored directly on your computer. You’ll get exactly what you pay for. Try it for yourself by requesting a free demo software, or give us a call at 800-536-1099.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.