The Best (and Worst) Payroll Software Vendors for Small Businesses

Payroll software vendors each have their own benefits and disadvantages. In general, the product itself is the most important factor when choosing between software providers. If a company doesn’t have exactly what you need, then it’s not a viable option.

That said, business owners deciding between payroll tools can benefit from weighing vendors against each other. It’s important to find a payroll software that works for you, but it’s almost as important to find a software vendor who will have your back. If you’re in the market for a payroll tool, consider the below red flags when assessing potential providers. And, if you’re ready to make a purchase, add our accounting and payroll software to your list of options.



What to Look Out for in Payroll Software Vendors

Choosing between payroll software providers is tricky. Here are some common red flags to observe:

  • They are a new provider. New payroll software vendors can be successful. That said, a company should have a track record of success before you decide to pull out the credit card. If a provider is only a few years old, consider an alternative that has a longer history of customer satisfaction. Otherwise, check their reviews and client testimonials to ensure their service is worth the money.
  • They have an SaaS model. SaaS, also known as “software as service,” is an increasingly common pay structure. Rather than paying a one-time fee, the customer must pay a monthly or quarterly subscription rate. There are a variety of pros and cons to this model. However, we do not typically recommend these products to new and growing businesses. Random and involuntary updates can be detrimental to employee workflow, and subscription rates often change without significant notice. An unpredictable software tool can be enough to drive a small company into the red.
  • They don’t advertise customer support channels. Payroll software vendors should be helpful and proactive when it comes to customer support. This means there should be several customer support avenues for users to access. If a company doesn’t list customer testimonials on its website, or if they don’t discuss their support options, they might not be a great fit. Small businesses need effective customer support. If that’s not in a provider’s wheelhouse, it’s better to move on.


Find Support and Efficiency with Advanced Micro Solutions

Advanced Micro Solutions is a payroll software vendor you can trust. With over three decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we are an excellent option for businesses of all sizes and industries. If you’re curious to see if our tools work for you, check out our free demo software. Those with questions are encouraged to give our Sales and Information team a call at 800-536-1099.



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