Why Restaurants Need Payroll Service Software

Payroll service software needs are unique across industries. Just as agricultural and household businesses have their own accounting styles, so too does the restaurant industry. As a restaurant owner or manager, it might seem like you can stick to the basics when you do your accounting. You will utilize several of the same costing methods with restaurant accounting as you might with other industries. Similarly, you will look at your profit-and-loss statements and cash flow reports. However, once you begin managing the books for a restaurant, you will need to find reliable, specialized software.

Advanced Micro Solutions provides restaurants with a comprehensive and affordable payroll program. Many restaurant industry workers come and go with little or no warning. Investing in AMS’ payroll service software allows you to utilize the user-friendly products to improve and support staff morale. Restaurants using AMS’ products can also manage data impeccably and take advantage of a variety of flexible payroll options.



What are Common Restaurant Expenses?

Keeping track of your restaurant’s fixed and variable expenses will keep the lights on and the customers returning. A restaurant’s fixed expenses involve paying for utilities, rent, any loan payments, and your salaried workers. You will also need to monitor all variable expenses, even though they will often change. Variable expenses can include the costs for labor and food. Other regular restaurant expenses you’ll want to track might involve:

  • Inventory Management – Understanding your weekly inventory can make or break a restaurant. You know that, unlike retail stores, your products have a limited shelf life.
  • Cost of Goods Sold – Categorizing your items can help you lover your cost of goods sold and increase your restaurant’s profits. You can specifically categorize all meats, dairy, and fruits. Then, establish a cost percentage for each category. Also make sure to minimize waste by carefully measuring your ingredients.
  • Prime Cost – Keep in mind that your prime cost does not include any outside costs. Qualifying outside costs can include rent, advertising, and manager salaries. Calculating and tracking the restaurant’s prime costs allows you to possibly improve your profit margins.

Restaurant expense management is enough to comprise a full-time job. Adding a manual or ineffective payroll process on top of that work can be overwhelming for restaurant owners. AMS Payroll allows users to simplify and expedite payroll. The extra time that might have been spent calculating payroll taxes is better spent on tasks like inventory management and item pricing.

Using AMS to Manage Your Restaurant

Many restaurants streamline their daily and weekly management duties by using AMS’ payroll service software. Our accounting and payroll software is a cost-effective and reliable solution for any of your restaurant payroll software needs. Employers can avoid making payroll and filing errors by using the system, which is separate from additional operational software.

AMS Payroll also processes “Live” or After-the-Fact Payroll. You can use the program to calculate any federal, state, or local payroll taxes. If you have grown weary of inputting endless data each week, the software will import data from Excel, QuickBooks, and other programs.



If you are still unsure about your next move, we offer a free 1099-etc demo. With this option, you can gain a quick understanding of the program and its many features, including some program packages. Get in touch with any questions by calling our customer support at (405) 340-0697.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.