Steps to Fully Maximize Payroll Processing Systems

Investing in payroll processing systems can provide better options for small businesses who want more control over their operations. Getting reliable payroll management helps you to pay employees in a timely manner. Your business will also maintain compliance with the Internal Revenue Service. Additionally, if you’re not already in the practice of keeping payroll records, investing in a software tool can help – all while streamlining operations and preventing miscalculations.

Advanced Micro Solutions offers comprehensive and affordable payroll processing packages. AMS’ products assist small businesses who are looking to streamline or improve their payroll management duties. Getting new software or switching from manual processing can give any business the opportunity for a fresh start.



How to Use Payroll Processing Systems

Even business owners with established payroll experience can still benefit from a quick information refresher. If you want to start from scratch and improve your payroll management, take the following steps.

Confirm your employer identification number. Make sure you have your EIN and both your state and local tax IDs. The government needs these IDs to ensure that your business meets payroll tax requirements. Find your EIN or get one on the Internal Revenue Service’s website.

Gather employee tax information. Distribute Forms W-4 and I-9, if relevant, to your business’s employees. Confirm which state and local forms you must also provide to them. You should collect any job application, deduction, and wage garnishment documents before you run payroll processing systems.

Establish your payroll timetable. Choose a payment schedule that will accommodate your business. If you’ve tried monthly or semimonthly, perhaps you will find greater success using a biweekly or weekly payment calendar. Factor in all necessary quarterly tax dates, as well as holidays and the annual tax filing dates.

Organize and maintain payroll records. Even if you’ve already completed calculations, there is still work to do in order to complete your payroll duties. You must keep records of all your business’s transactions. Employees can dispute their paychecks, and IRS audits are uncommon but possible. Make sure that you have all your documentation in case the Internal Revenue Service comes to visit.


Why Use AMS Payroll

If you want to improve your payroll processing systems skills, we recommend AMS Payroll ($134), our accounting and payroll software. If your business needs to focus on payroll compliance, AMS can provide guidance. AMS’ processing software automatically calculates federal, state, and local payroll taxes. It provides and updates all relevant state and federal tax tables as well.

Small businesses can also utilize the software’s organization tools and capacity. The program supports up to 1,999 payers and up to 9,999 employees per payer. Your business can choose whether to print checks individually or by a date range. Manually writing checks or running the payroll can lead to you misplacing or overlooking documents. The organizational features can help prevent future complications with the government.



Download our free 1099-etc Demo to learn how to combine our add-on payroll module with the base software program. If you have questions about which package to select, call our support team at 1-(800)-536-1099.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.