How to File Your Federal Unemployment Payment Voucher

The Federal Unemployment Payment Voucher is used to supplement payments made with Form 940. It must be mailed alongside Form 940. This payment voucher should take just seconds to complete, but if you’re looking for voucher support, you’re likely in need of a software solution for Form 940, as well as other federal payroll forms.

Tools from Advanced Micro Solutions are designed to help small businesses complete these routine but time-consuming filing tasks. Whether you need software support for the Federal Unemployment Payment Voucher, payroll calculation, or help with another tax or wage-related task, AMS has an answer.


Who Should Complete the Federal Unemployment Payment Voucher?

Also known as Form 940-V, the voucher should be completed by anyone making a payment with Form 940. The IRS will use the voucher to more efficiently and accurately credit the payment. To file, you will simply enter your employer identification number (EIN), enter the amount paid with the accompanying Form 940, and write your name and address. You’ll need to enclose your check or money order alongside the payment voucher.


Easier Filing with AMS

The Federal Unemployment Payment Voucher does not often present a challenge to small businesses. Rather, it points to a larger need. If you’re filling out 940-V, you will need to complete Form 940. This means you have employees and must complete a variety of calculations, related to both payroll and state and federal taxes. If you don’t have a comprehensive software solution to address all of these tasks, you may struggle to file. This is where Advanced Micro Solutions can help.

If you’re facing any speed bumps, a software tool from Advanced Micro Solutions may solve your dilemma. Our products are designed to alleviate the accounting stress experienced by small business owners, whether that means solving a calculation error, filling out the Federal Unemployment Payment Voucher, or keeping track of payroll.

For example, AMS Payroll , one of our most popular software tools, is a wonderful addition to any accounting suite. The software quickly and accurately processes employee payroll information, then makes that data available for future use during quarterly and annual filing periods. This is a great option for those struggling with Form 940 or any iterations of the form.


Additional Tax and Wage Support from AMS

Those looking for a slightly less robust solution may want to consider the Forms Filer Plus , our filing software. This tool supports a broad range of tax and wage forms, allowing users to complete them digitally and electronically file with ease. If you’re looking for additional accounting tools, we have a suite of options that work together to create customized software solutions.


Whether you need help with Form 940, the payment voucher itself, or payroll calculations, Advanced Micro Solutions has the software tools you need.


Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.