Benefits and Limits of a Free Applicant Tracking System

A free applicant tracking system is easy to find. There are more than a dozen such products out there in one form or another. If you’re trying to keep a lid on your hiring costs and HR budget, you can look to take advantage of one of these free software options. The problem is wading through all the red herrings. A lot of software providers will market free systems that either can’t do much of anything, or else they’re some kind of limited-time promotion. We’ve also seen “free” software promotions that are simply one of the benefits of a pay-for small business membership club. Let Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) help show you what’s available in terms of free applicant tracking systems.

Free Applicant Tracking System Reviews and Examples

It’s important to keep in mind that most free options are neither scams, nor are they amazing products. Some are thinly veiled introductions to their pay-for software solutions. The “Starter” package from Recruiteze is free, but includes only 100 MB storage and email support. Pretty much every business needs at least their “Basic” package for $9.95/month. Or take RecruitBPM. This company offers both a Standard and Premium software package that’s free and has a considerably powerful set of features. But you likely won’t be able to get it for free forever. The fine print shows that they can change the pricing at any time—like just after you’ve gotten used to their system.

It’s not a foolproof plan, but a better idea is find free applicant tracking system reviews that will enable you to compare different software against a single set of criteria. Check out this review of top ATS solutions from Capterra.

Applicant Tracking vs. Payroll and Form Filing Software

Even the free systems that offer a full set of features which you can leverage for better hiring practices don’t help much once you actually make a hire. That’s where AMS Payroll Software comes in. It’s one thing to develop and publish free data management software for a variety of accounting, record keeping, and business metrics. It’s another thing to make these types of data management features compatible with the IRS, SSA, and the relevant local and state agencies. We offer the best, most cost-effective solution out there, and even our system isn’t free. So to pair with your free applicant tracking system, check out our W-2, 1099, and payroll software solutions.

What AMS can Offer Your Business

Nevertheless, there is a connection between applicant information tracking and payroll accounting. Namely, with our versatile file and data importing feature, you can typically get a head start on your payroll accounting and employee/payee account setup. This feature is compatible with most any kind of data file. Moreover, you can choose whatever level of software support makes sense for your business. Looking for a simple and standalone solution for your employer and state unemployment forms? You can match our platform software with our W2 & 1099 Software module. Looking for a payroll processing system as well? Check out AMS Payroll. You can also find a comprehensive e-file and software generated forms solution with some of our other products. Buy our accounting software directly online, download our free demo, or talk to Sales and Information at (800) 536-1099.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.