Consider Small Business Accounting Software Payroll for Upcoming Tax Season

With tax season fast approaching, you might be interested in extra tax support in the form of small business accounting software payroll. Many small businesses benefit from quality payroll software. The software helps with calculating accurate payroll taxes, keeps employee files organized, and prepares employers for tax reporting. Before you decide to invest in a software tool for your business, you can learn more about how accounting payroll software can improve your business’ bookkeeping. You can even access a free demo of AMS software to try the resource for yourself.



What Is Small Business Accounting Software Payroll?

Payroll software is a digital program that houses all your payroll inputs and reports. Some software options are downloadable as a desktop application, and others you access over the cloud. The software includes all the relevant forms as fillable documents to expedite the steps of payroll.

The pricing for small business payroll software varies, depending on the service you choose. Some providers require a flat, monthly payment plus additional monthly payments per employee. Others charge a flat fee for the year for the software license.


How a Payroll Software Can Help Your Small Business

The benefits of a small business accounting software payroll make the results worth the cost. Small businesses often do not have the ability to hire an employee specifically for payroll services. Business owners can manage payroll on their own, but a software tool makes the responsibility easier.

  • Payroll Taxes- Employers must file employment taxes to the IRS. You must use the right tax rates for federal and state taxes, and a software uses the correct rates to make the calculations for you.
  • Employee Files- A payroll software helps keep each of your employee’s files. Correct employee classification is essential for payroll. Organized employee files are one way to prevent payroll mistakes, and a payroll software can help maintain orderly files.
  • Payroll Checks- Payroll software generates payroll checks for your employees. Employees count on their employer from prompt checks, so a payroll software enables employers to pay their employees with promptness.
  • Tax Forms- The stored data in your payroll software expedites year-end tax filing. Many payroll software tools can automatically input payroll information from the year into tax forms for employees.


Try AMS Payroll Software Today 

AMS Payroll Software is an excellent tool for small businesses looking to improve their payroll process. AMS software has all the key features of a quality payroll software along with a vast library of resources for business owners. AMS products are available as modules, meaning you can add on the Forms Filer Plus module to integrate tax filing in your software. This way, you pick the tools you need the most for your ideal payroll software.



Small business accounting software payroll can be a smart investment for employers wanting extra support for payroll. You can access a free demo of AMS software to try the software for yourself or call our Sales and Information team at (800) 536-1099 with any questions.

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