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In the strictest sense, business checks are different than personal checks in that they’re tied to a business account that clearly distinguishes a company’s assets from the owner’s personal assets. As check-writing conventions go, however, there’s an entire set of check features that facilitate a business’s record keeping priorities:

  • The most noticeable difference? Business checks are larger so they can accommodate more information. There’s a larger memo line, signature line, and payee area. Extra space on the check can also be used to indicate the check is void in 90 days.
  • Another difference is enhanced security. Businesses must take steps to secure their checks from fraud. Among the measures commonly available include holograms, watermarks, special fibers, heat-sensitive ink, security weave, fugitive ink, and chemical wash detection.
  • Certain types of business checks also prohibit check conversion into an ACH payment debit. Many businesses want a more detailed record when their check is cashed than ACH debit includes. This restriction involves the presence of au “auxiliary on-us field,” which may include the check serial number or a security code.

Business Check Writing Software

More than just extra space to include information on the physical check, much of this data also needs to be stored digitally. Often, the check information needs to be aggregated and reported on quarterly and annual filing forms. Other data needs to be tracked to analyze business income and expenses and make your company more competitive over the long run. Some types of information should also be tracked to keep third-party vendors honest and guard against shipments and invoices that don’t match.

Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) is your go-to for business check writing software, especially for payroll and contractor payments. Put simply, AMS Payroll offers support for more than 30 different types of checks and vouchers that can be customized for a number of different types of business accounts and checks. But what’s really cool about our system is that it automatically calculates payroll taxes and any number of paycheck additions/deductions. Our payroll software then records this information and transfers it to the relevant quarterly and annual filing forms.

Business Check Printing Software

It’s not just the information, size and formatting that makes the check. More than likely, your business also wants to use MICR checks as a security measure and to bolster its professional image. Their telltale sign is the routing and account number interspersed with the easily recognizable MICR encoding font. You can certainly order these checks from your bank; they’re sometimes called bank checks. But your company can also make a low-cost investment in business check printing software that creates a reliable, substantive return.

Software Generated Forms from AMS enables our businesses to print an unlimited number of MICR checks. The printer hardware requirements aren’t as difficult as you might suppose, either. You’ll have to buy some magnetic toner, but our software is compatible with virtually any kind of laser printer.

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Our free demo is often the best way to see what our business check writing software is capable of. But it’s not the only way. If you have specific questions about what our software can offer your business and accounting needs, don’t hesitate to talk to our Sales and Information team at (800) 536-1099. Another great thing to do is check out our Testimonials page. You can buy and download a personalized software package online at any time.

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Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.