The Best Farm Management Software is Within Reach

It’s important to find the best farm management software for your farm. What may work for another farm may not be right for your business, so personalization is essential. We believe that the software from AMS provides the support most every farm needs—precisely because it is so highly customizable. Our modular approach is specifically tailored to provide sophisticated and comprehensive systems for multi-faceted agricultural businesses, as well as low-cost form filing support for your farm employment payroll. With AMS, the best farm management software is just a few clicks away.

What to Expect from the Best Farm Management Software

As previously mentioned, the ability to customize your product is essential for farm maintenance software. You don’t want to spend money on a software product if you only need a few of the services it provides. Additionally, your forms filing and payroll support software should be compatible with whatever existing program(s) you have for easy and efficient data entry. AMS Payroll Software fulfills all of these needs.

We take a modular approach to software packages. Put simply, this means you start with our Forms Filer and add programs to create the perfect package. If you only need support for your 943 form filings, you may only need our Forms Filer Plus. If you want additional, software-based payroll processing, AMS Payroll , which also includes 943 filing support, is probably the more appropriate choice. AMS has the software solution for your farm. Check out our full catalogue of products here:

  • W-2/1099 Forms Filer (required platform)
  • Payroll Software
  • Forms Filer Plus
  • Software-Generated Forms
  • E-File Direct
  • Affordable Care Act Filer
  • 1042-S Filer

Additionally, you can easily import data from pre-existing farm support software. This includes QuickBooks, Excel, PeachTree, and Tab-Delimited Text Files. When you’re ready to export data, choose between a Tab-Delimited Text File and/or QuickBooks General Journal.

Additional Payroll Features

Your farm management software should be more than just a number-crunching program. It should also include a range of helpful tools. Below are a few highlights from the AMS Payroll module:

  • Print checks individually or by date range
  • Creates an SSN Verification file
  • Easy Payer and Employee Setup
  • Supports employee direct deposit
  • Includes various state and federal tax liabilities for quick reference
  • Displays a variety of payroll reports, including a payer/tax summary, employee detail, and worker’s compensation.
  • Automatic saving feature ensures data is never lost
  • SUI forms for all 50 states, the District of Columbia,
  • Support for end-of-year reporting, tax form preparation, and electronic filing

Ready to Get Started?

You can buy and download your new software at any time. We also encourage clients to test out our free, downloadable demo. This demo will prove just how customizable our product is, as well as how efficient it will make your payroll process. Additionally, check out our testimonials page to see reviews and commentary from other customers. Have a question? Give our Sales and Information team a call at (800) 536-1099. When you’re ready to make your purchase, you can do so at any time.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.