Where to Find 1099 Forms: Different Business Strategies

Where to find 1099 forms is a question that’s a whole lot easier to answer if you plan ahead. By the beginning of December, we should start actively compiling a list of subcontractors, clients, and third parties to whom you will need to submit some type of 1099 filing form. You can find more information about the different types of 1099 here.

But along with identifying the types of 1099 you will need, determining where to find 1099 forms is one of the first active tax season activities you will likely undertake. And there’s a good reason for that. Unless you plan on e-filing with the IRS, Copy A of your 1099 forms must use the special scannable forms with their telltale red ink. In other words, while it’s perfectly fine to print the other copies as a software-generated form, you need to get your Copy A 1099s issued directly from the IRS.

Where to Find 1099 Forms

That said, there are still a number of different ways to obtain the right, qualifying form copies. In fact, we’ve broken them down into easy-to-understand categories that help explain why some people inevitably use each of the different methods.

  • The Most Popular Choice: Send away for them online. It’s free, and it only takes a few minutes of your time. So why doesn’t everybody do it this way? Two reasons: 1) It can take up to 10 business days, and some people procrastinate, and 2) If you need a bunch of 1099 forms, you need to talk to the IRS over the phone. They’ll want to verify your information before they start mailing out bundles of forms that never get used.
  • The Most Reliable Way: There’s actually a faster way that’s still completely free, and that’s visiting your local IRS office. Most people prefer the extra convenience of getting them in the mail, but if you have questions you want answered face-to-face, this is great option as well. Or if you just don’t want to wait the 10 business days. That’s why it’s also known as the impatient choice.
  • The Most Convenient Option: Better yet, you may not need to make much an effort at all. If you’re visiting a public library or community center anyway, some 1099 Copy A forms may be available for free at these locations. Still, a better plan is usually to call around and see if this option even exists where you live.
  • Last-Minute Solutions: In some ways, this is also close to the most popular choice. The end of January sets off a wave of employers and payers who—more than just waiting till the last minute to submit their recipient 1099 copies—are just now getting around to asking about where to find 1099 forms. Office supply stores and similar stationery-based companies may sell these forms, but as it gets truly last-minute, you again better call ahead and be ready to respond promptly.

1099 Form Filing Software

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