What is IRS Form 1099?

There’s a good chance you’ve received an IRS form 1099 in the past. The 1099-INT form, for example, is used to document interest you’ve earned from a savings account or similar interest-bearing bank account. Other types of forms, such as those related to long-term care benefits and retirement plan payments, are often received later in life. That said, if you’re just starting a new business, you’re likely in a very different frame of mind when asking, “What is IRS form 1099?”

To understand the nitty-gritty details, you must first identify which 1099 form applies to your business transactions. One of the most common forms is 1099-MISC, which is used to file for any number of types of miscellaneous income from subcontractor services to royalty payments to fishing boat proceeds. At the same time, there are 19 different versions of the 1099 and, again, knowing which one applies to your business is crucial. To do this, there’s often no better source than the IRS itself, which provides these handy General Instructions for Certain Information Returns https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1099gi.pdf.

If need further assistance identifying what IRS form 1099 is needed for your business filings, our customer support services include email communications, Sales and Information phone line, and a Live Chat feature. More often than not, however, business owners can identify the relevant 1099 forms without too much trouble. It’s those next steps—getting, preparing, and submitting the forms—that typically have them looking for smart software support. And that’s where Advanced Micro Solutions comes in.


The AMS Advantage

See for yourself how AMS can help you with all your filing and payroll service needs. Keep in mind that no matter what form of the 1099 you need to file for your business or your employees, our program will ensure that you get it done quickly and efficiently. Let us guide you through the proper steps to ensure that you get your 1099 forms filed quickly.

With a full suite of modular software designed to help you, you’re sure to find your daily operations run much more smoothly and efficiently. Also, remember that when you purchase our software, you’re not just getting a program. Standing behind that program is a team of dedicated developers and information specialists with whom you are building a relationship with. We update the tax tables annually so you can be sure you’ll always be filing the correct forms with the correct information.

Our program is also exceptionally user-friendly. When you first start with our software, import your existing data. It doesn’t matter if it’s in CSV tables, plain text format, or in a spreadsheet, moving your information into our software is easy. Our tables use multiple navigation formats from traditional mouse click to tabbing, to using arrow keys; whatever format you are most comfortable with. Add in the ability to create default values and your data entry becomes quick and efficient.


Getting Started

Download our free demo, buy your software now, or talk to our Sales and Information team at (800) 536-1099. Don’t wait any longer to start addressing your upcoming forms filing requirements.

Software Solutions from AMS

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