What is the W2 W9 Difference?

The main W-2 W-9 difference is that employers file the tax documents for different categories of workers. Employers file Form W-2 for employees, and contracted workers fill out and provide employers with Form W-9. Knowing when to provide your workers with essential documents matters regardless of the time of year.



Both tax forms help keep businesses and individuals compliant with the Social Security Administration/Internal Revenue Service during tax season. The forms also provide a record for your company if the SSA/IRS notices any errors or discrepancies. This article will provide employers with information regarding when and why they need to distribute the forms to specific workers.


When to Use Form W-2

Employers must send a Form W-2 to anyone classified as a company employee. One W-2 W-9 difference is a company puts W-9 employees on payroll. Companies list all of their employees on their tax documents as well. Companies either pay workers on an hourly basis or with a fixed salary. Make sure when you hire a worker that you review the IRS’ employee definition to correctly classify them.

Employers must send W-2 forms at the start of the tax season or the new calendar year. The SSA requires that employers put the W-2 forms in the mail by January 31 for the year prior’s earnings. Keep your records of all company W-2 forms for at least four years.


What is a W-9 Form?

Freelance workers or independent contractors must fill out a W-9 form at the start of a contract. The employer uses the document with the individual’s address and Social Security Number to report income earned during the contract tax season. However, this income is reported on a 1099 rather than a W-2. In most cases, a company will use a 1099-NEC.

Employers should consider whether the company will pay a contractor more than $600 during their contract when understanding critical W-2 W-9 differences. If so, you must distribute a 1099 form during the relevant tax period. However, there are multiple circumstances when you should not give a worker a Form W-9. You do not need to distribute W-9 forms for certain household jobs, like babysitting.


Common W-2 W-9 Errors

All tax documentation forms come with their own set of guidelines and requirements. Make sure that your company adheres to them to avoid the SSA/IRS issuing any penalties. One error that the SSA/IRS will penalize employers for is if your company submits a form with an incorrect or missing Employer Identification Number. For W-9 forms, double check to ensure that contractors have signed the form correctly. This is a common mistake that you’ll want to avoid. The IRS does not require contractors to sign all W-9 forms. However, providing a signature minimizes any avoidable complications.



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