What to Know About SSA 1099 2020

If you receive Social Security benefits, the SSA 1099 2020 form should be on your radar for this tax season. We put together this guide to give you the relevant details, like when you should expect to receive the form and what to do if you have not received it. While you do not have to do any filing for this form, you should be familiar with it to know how to report it on a return. Additionally, there is a new online system to access the form which may be new information for you.


What Is SSA 1099?

As a brief reminder, SSA 1099 is a tax form the Social Security Administration (SSA) sends to beneficiaries each year. The form includes the amount provided through benefits from the year which you then report to the IRS. This form is relevant for independent accountants and those who work for personal accounting firms. While you will not be the person or entity responsible for distributing the SSA 1099, you should keep a record of this form for all relevant clients. Additionally, it may become your responsibility to contact the Social Security Administration to ask for a copy.


When You Should Receive SSA 1099 2020

The SSA is responsible for sending the SSA 1099. They mail the form each January. Because there is no specific date the forms are sent out, pinpointing when you will receive your SSA 1099 is hard. Generally speaking, you should expect the form to arrive sometime before February.

You do not have to request a SSA 1099, but you may need to if the form never arrives or you misplace the original. If February arrives and you have not received your SSA 1099, there are some options to obtain the form. Within the past couple of years, the SSA has enhanced their website to allow Social Security beneficiaries to access replacement forms online, which allows them to request a copy of the SSA 1099. This request system allows you to print a copy of the form to print or email. We recommend that personal accountants working with senior citizens bookmark this page for easy access.


How to Access SSA 1099 2020 Online

You can follow these steps to get a copy of your SSA 1099 2020. You will first need to create or log in to the relevant Social Security account. If you need help with this step, you can reference this useful guide. After you log in, you will be able to view and print replacement documents like the SSA 1099.

We should note that the form is available after the SSA creates the original. If the form is not an option, try checking back near the end of January or early February. Additionally, replacements of the form for the previous tax year becomes available after February 1st.

This new online system gives you immediate access to the forms you need. The quick access makes it easy to complete tax returns since the information is always available. In the event you have trouble accessing the form online, you can always call the SSA or contact the local Social Security office for assistance.


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