5 Steps for How to File Form 1099 and other Business Filings

If you want to know how to file form 1099 and other business tax filings with Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS), the best way to see our software in action is to download our free software demo. Our W-2/1099 Forms Filer and modular software solutions can make each part of the forms filing process faster and more reliable.

Consider these 5 steps to learn how to file form 1099 and why your choice of forms filing software is so important:

1. Identify the Right 1099 Forms. From paying subcontractors to property sales to retirement plans to tuition payments to insurance contractors to interest and dividends, each payment distribution and business entity is a little different when it comes to the finer details of filing a 1099. That’s because there are more than a dozen different types of 1099 forms. Not to worry, AMS has you covered. Our W-2/1099 Forms Filer has comprehensive 1099 software support including help on how to file form 1099 of every type.

2. Print or Obtain the Blank Forms. With Software-Generated Forms from AMS you can actually print many of your own 1099 forms on plain, white paper. There are some exceptions. Form 1096 and 1099-MISC Copy A are both prohibited by the IRS from being software-generated. You can also visit your local IRS office or affiliate location.

3. Collect and Prepare the Reporting Data. This is the big one in terms of time consumption and systems efficiency. Hopefully, at the very least, you already have the recipients’ names, mailing addresses, tax id numbers, and total payment amounts for the year. Put another way, if you’ve been diligent with recordkeeping, this is when it’s going to pay off. However, the software from AMS is still going to be a huge time-saver for even the most efficient accounting professionals. More to this point, our AMS Payroll solution also includes live and after-the-fact payroll accounting features.

4. Produce and/or Print Completed Forms: Once you’ve used our data file importing and data entry portal to transfer, input, and auto-fill the information, and double checked the information and hash totals for accuracy, it’s time to print the recipient copies and create completed online forms for e-filing with the IRS/SSA.

5. Mail or E-File the Completed Forms. Make sure you meet the applicable deadlines for that 1099 form—typically Feb 1st for mailing the recipient copies, then Feb 28th or March 31st for paper-filing and e-filing with IRS, respectively. Unless you plan on mailing all your own copies, you’ll need to make an extra purchase. Here, too, though, AMS shows its commitment to complete customer satisfaction. For those business clients with high-volume filing needs, our E-File Direct module enables you to file an unlimited number of forms for one flat fee of $154 (plus for the W-2/1099 Forms Filer platform). For those business clients with more niche filing needs, we’ve partnered with a third-party software vendor who can provide specific mailing and e-filing service packages with tiered pricing.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Sales and Information team at (800) 536-1099, if you have lingering questions about your 1099 forms and how our software solutions can be customized to your business’s filing needs.

Software Solutions from AMS

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