Instructions for Late 1099S 2019 Form Filings

The 1099S 2019 form hasn’t seen a change in many years. This form, which is used for indicating the sale, purchase, or transfer of real estate property, is filed to determine the sale’s effect on capital gains tax, tax deductions, and other adjustments that may be made. The 1099-S can be complicated, which can lead to late and incorrect filings. A wide range of entities may be responsible for completing this form in a transaction. As such, the ideal software support for a 1099-S should be just as flexible. The software tools from Advanced Micro Solutions are designed for a range of uses and users. If you’re filing a 1099-S from 2019, we’re sure we can help.

What to Expect from the 1099S 2019 Form

If you’re filling out the 1099S 2019 form late, we don’t blame you – it can be tricky. Figuring out who is responsible for filing this form is just as complicated as preparing the 1099-S itself. Real estate can change hands in a variety of different ways, which means several different parties in the real estate transaction process may be responsible for filing this form.

If you cannot determine who must fill out a 1099-S, you may feel paralyzed. This is a reason why many of these forms go unfiled or are filed late. If you need a quick fix to your real estate transaction form, AMS is here to help. We have a complete guide to filling out the 1099-S, and our software tools can help make the process itself easier.

A Software Tool from AMS Can Help

If you’re seeking support for the 2019 version of 1099-S – or any 1099 2019, for that matter – Advanced Micro Solutions has the ability to help. Our accounting software tools are designed with small businesses in mind. With menu-driven and user-friendly platforms, our software can help you complete the 1099S 2019 form, W-2 forms, and any other tax and wage filing you need.

Those searching for 1099S 2019 form filing are likely filing late. The best way to address a late form filing is to prevent it altogether. That’s where Advanced Micro Solutions can help. Our software tools allow users to keep all essential employee and contractor data together. From our W-2/1099 forms filer to AMS Payroll, we make tools that support most form filings – including 1099S 2019 forms.

However, we understand that mistakes and late filings happen, even with software tools. When that happens, rest assured that AMS will be there to help. With our on-demand support and powerful software tools, we can help you get on the right track, even if you have to file late.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.