When Do I Deposit Payroll Taxes?

If you’re a monthly schedule depositor, you must deposit payroll taxes by the 15th of the following month in which the payroll was made. In other words, all of the payroll tax liabilities that accrued during January must be deposited by February. If you’re a semiweekly schedule depositor, when you deposit payroll taxes depends on […]

1099 vs. W-2: Which is Better for Employees and Employers?

A lot of people, employees and employers alike, have questions about 1099 vs. W-2 worker status and which is better for them. As part of our software support for employers, payroll, and For some, the question of 1099 vs W-2, which is better for employees or employers, is an important consideration. As part of our […]

How do I print a report for only one employee only?

On the Input screen Tag this employee. Go to the Report Menu and select Report B. On the Basic Report Criteria screen Exclude all Untagged Employees and set the date rate then on the Report B Criteria screen check Each Check.

When importing from QuickBooks, employee information is transferring but no actual checks, how can I correct this?

The XREF File which associates the QuickBooks Payroll Category Names with the AMS Payroll Names, has probably not been defined. Open the client in AMS Payroll, select Options>Import/Export Options>Import from QuickBooks for Windows, and then check Define the Xref of QuickBooks for payroll items/employee information. On the QIF XREF screen, click Open>highlight the ATF.IIF File […]

I imported a QuickBooks file into AMS Payroll twice, how do I correct this?

Ifyoureimport QuickBooks data a second time, you must first delete the information that was incorrectly imported. I recommend that you first backup the data and then "Omit" the checks (Options>File Management Utilities>Omit/Keep Checks>enter the starting and ending dates)and then "Delete" the checks (Options>File Management Utilities>1. Delete ALL Omitted Checks).Once this has been completed import the […]