What are the Tax Benefits of 1099 vs W2 Workers?

The tax benefits of 1099 vs w2 workers is the biggest distinction between independent contractors and employees. Employers and supervisors will treat you differently based primarily upon your work title. The reason for the different treatment is that employers navigate payroll taxes and withholding. Inversely, your supervisor as a 1099 worker will have their separate […]

Why You Need a W2 Printing and Mailing System Ahead of Tax Season

Tax season involves many moving parts, so be sure to establish a plan for W2 printing and mailing so that you remain organized and efficient throughout. While the printing and mailing steps of the tax filing process may seem trivial, they are important steps for sending the right forms to the right parties. Without a […]

You Asked, We Answered: How Payroll System Works

If you are considering implementing new payroll procedures, you might wonder how payroll system works. Essentially, how payroll system works is that it helps ensure accuracy in employee compensation and tax information. There are a few different payroll system options for companies: Full-time accountant Payroll service In-house payroll Payroll software A payroll system makes running […]

What is Fund Accounting Software?

Fund accounting software is known for emphasizing accountability over profitability. It’s a pretty intuitive concept in which funds are placed into different accounts based on the revenue, expenditure, and general rules that apply to those funds and accounts. This type of accounting is especially common for nonprofits, charities, and other organizations that accept funding from […]

When printing a state form, why do question marks appear in the scan line?

Question marks in the scan line indicate that some information needed to calculate the scanline is missing. You need to make sure all your information is filled in, on the Illinois form make sure you enter the sequence number and on the New Jersey forms make sure you enter the suffix number. Enter these numbers […]

How can I get the Ohio quarterly report to print “The number of Weeks worked”?

The software does not compute the number of weeks worked. You must set a Preference in order to track Weeks. At the AMS Payroll Menu, select Payer>PayerEdit>Preferences >Check Entry Fields, Preference7. Need Weeks Worked and click OK.When entering checks, enter the desired number on theWeeks line of the AddChk screen. If you are importing from […]