Does E-File Direct Allow Filing 941 Forms?

No, E-File Direct is only for W-2 and 1099 type forms. To E-File the 941 you will need to have AMS Payroll and use E-File Services. There is a per form charge, which can be found here.   More Information about Filing 941 Forms with E-File Direct If you’re a small business, we recommend using […]

Setup Multiple Third Party Designees

Multiple Third Party Designees are setup through multiple Users. To setup multiple Users, click the User button on the 1099-etc Main Menu, setup a new 3-character User Code and enter the information for each Third Party Designee. Then selecting the appropriate User code will print the associated Third Party Designee information. In AMS Payroll, you […]

How Do I Enable And Input Third Party Information

The Third Party Designee Option is enabled in the AMS Payroll by clicking on Payer>Payer Edit>Preferences>Other. Place a check before 6. Is a 3rd Party Designee. Once this has been set, the Third Party Designee information can be entered/changed in AMS Payroll through Options>File Management Utilities>H. Edit 3rd Party Designee Information.