How to Correct Form 941 and Quarterly Returns

If you’re trying to figure how to correct Form 941, know that you’re not alone. Whether you’ve experienced a disruption in your accounting services or whether you’ve confused Form 941 with Schedule H Form 1040 for household employment filings, you may need to learn about how to correct a 941 quarterly return using Form 941-X. […]

Can I electronically file the 941 forms from your program?

Yes, our program will electronically file the 941 forms through our AMS Payroll module. E-Filing 941’s requires the following: You will need a valid internet connection. You will first need to apply for an E-File Signer PIN from the IRS for each company thatelectronically files the 941’s.This can be done in the AMS Payroll module […]

Why is the 941 Schedule B form not displaying the tax liability amounts?

Most likely this is caused because "Use Previously Edited Liabilities" has been marked on the 941 control ans SignerInformation screen. To change this,at the AMS Payroll Menu, click Forms>Print 941/944 Form. Select the Printer Mode and the Quarter. On the 941 Control and Signer Information screen, remove thecheck fromUse Previously Edited Liabilities box. Click OK. […]

How do I change the 941 mailing address, to the IRS, on the client letter?

From the AMS Payroll Menu click Payer>Payer Edit>General. Under Federal Depositor Information enter “??’” in the Alt State field then click OK. This tells the program to prompt you with additional addresses to use on the client letter. More Information about 941 Mailing Address Your 941 mailing address is an essential part of the form. […]

How Do I Suppress Printing Line 17

In AMS Payroll, after selecting the 941 Form and selecting your Print Options, and the Quarter, a screen titled 941 Control and Signer Information will display. Remove the X from Print Line 17, even when not required. In the Forms Filer Plus option of the 941 form, place an X in the box below Line […]