Why Use 1099-Etc Software?

1099-etc Software was created over 25 years ago and our goal was to provide the CPAs, small and large business owners and tax preparers an all-inclusive solution for payroll preparation. Why choose our payroll software when there are so many other options available on the market? This is a simple answer. 1099-etc software has NO […]

What is 1099-Etc Payroll Software?

1099-etc Payroll Software has paved the path to simplified payroll tax preparation and e-filing! 1099-etc Payroll Software is YOUR solution if you want an all-inclusive software package for preparing your own payroll (live or after-the-fact) and electronic filing. Our software takes the stress out of worrying about pre-printed forms and our program is fully customizable […]

More interesting facts about taxes

In 1989, the IRS E-File pilot project included 36 states with 1.1 million returns filed. In 1990, E-File went nationwide with 4.2 million returns filed! In 1789, at the beginning of the French Revolution, those who collected taxes (collectors) were sent to the guillotine. That takes not liking the tax man to a whole new […]

How to correct: ‘Path Invalid Check for Typos’, when installing.

This error normally means that the directory where the program is to be installed is not accessible or not valid. If a question mark appears in the Destination Directory box replace it with a valid Drive letter (C, for example). Remember this directory path is where the program is to be installed. This could also […]